Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Feast Day - this Friday

This Friday it is our school Feast Day. We are celebrating with a Liturgy and a house day. We would like all children to come to school in sports shorts and a coloured t-shirt the colour of their house.
Any questions please ask the teachers.
Kakano Teachers

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Term 4 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Caregivers
Welcome back to Term 4. We hope you all had a relaxing holiday and we are looking forward
to an exciting summer term with lots of positive learning.
Our driving question this term will be ‘How do we follow our interests to create something for
someone else?’. We will be working towards a whole school market day which will be held on
Tuesday 4 December, this will involve the children marketing their final product.
Athletic Sports
We will be preparing for our whole School Athletics Sports on Thursday 25 October.
Religious Education
Our focus for the term for RE will begin with the Rosary, Saints and Social Justice. We
will also centre our lessons around the school values.  We will be teaching about the season
of Advent leading into Christmas. The children will also be learning about the Sunday
We will continue to work collaboratively with our Reading. Children will continue to bring a
reading book each night and please continue to support your child with this. Remember to
sign the reading log. The children have embraced the new approach to learning and are
enjoying the choices they have.
Daily numeracy groups will continue and our Strand Maths focus will be Measurement
and Money.
Growth Mindset
The children will continue to learn about Growth Mindsets. We will be focusing on how we
learn and how our mindset can enable us to take on new challenges and skills. This is a school
wide initiative to encourage children to approach their learning as positive and self regulated
learners. Health and fitness will be a key aspect.
Book Week
This will be in Week 3 (29 October - 2 November).  This will include a dress up day of a
book character so please start thinking about this.
Summer Uniform
From Labour Weekend summer uniform will be compulsory.
Please ensure your child has a named sun hat at school at the beginning of term 4.  
This hat will need to stay at school.  We recommend that you please put sunscreen
on your child in the morning before school.
Please continue to read daily with your child and fill out the reading log. Spelling words
and basic facts will continue on as usual.
Art Gallery
We are visiting the Art Gallery on Monday 12 November (Mrs Brown, Miss Clark/Mrs Shea)
and Tuesday 12 November (Mrs MacKay, Miss Bailey, Miss Henderson). Please let us know
if you can parent help.
We are hoping to visit Lady Isaac Lady to sing to the residents Thursday 6 December.
Waltham Pool Trip
We are planning to visit Waltham Pool with the Paiaka Hub on Wednesday 5 December.
We all look forward to a sunny, busy and productive term.
God bless,
Paula Brown, Angela Shea, Angela Bailey, Louise MacKay, Rebecca Henderson and Katie Clark.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Tickets for our performance

Tickets are available from the office from Monday 17th September. Instead of charging for the tickets we ask that a nonperishable food item is donated per ticket. The food will be donated to our local St Vincent De Paul Society. Any questions regarding tickets- please see Louise MacKay.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Athletics Sports

Dear Parents

Our School Athletic Sports will be held in Week 2 on Thursday 25 October.

Monday, 10 September 2018


Dear Parents
On Friday the children will need to bring two-piece pajamas to wear in the pool for our water safety programme. They will still need to wear their togs underneath.
Thank you
Kakano Teachers

Friday, 7 September 2018

Showcase Costumes

Good afternoon everyone,
A reminder to please start sending along your child's costume for the showcase in a clearly named plastic bag.   The earlier we have these, the better.  Black (boys) and white (girls)  plain T Shirts can be purchased at Kmart or the Warehouse for about $3 and the hula skirts can be purchased from the $2 shop ( the link to these skirts is on the previous post). Any colour is fine.  In the previous notice we mentioned getting leggings to wear underneath their skirts.  We have decided that we will get children to wear their navy sports shorts underneath instead. 
Kind regards
Kakano Team.