Monday, 3 April 2017

Jesus Meal Celebration

In the past few weeks we have been learning about what life was like for Jesus when he was young and also about the last week of Jesus’ life. As a celebration of this learning, we will have a shared ‘Jesus Meal’ on Wednesday 12th April. This will be a type of re-enactment of the Last Supper.
The day will involve the children making butter in the morning, washing each others feet and sharing a simple meal of bread, grapes, dates, raisins, oranges, lemons, onion etc, The teachers will supply the food.

The children will need to dress up in clothes like Jesus and his disciples would have worn. The children have been learning about the clothes which was  
  • A simple tunic, (2 towels pinned together or a piece of material with a hole for the head),
  • a mantle, which was a cloth that was draped over the shoulder
  • a girdle, which was a belt.
The children are to come to school in uniform and bring their clothes to change into at school. The children will still need their normal lunch.
These are the types of clothes which the children can dress up in. 

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