Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Term 2 Newsletter

Junior Team Newsletter Term 2 Kakano Hub
26th April 2017

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome back to Term 2.  We hope you all have had a restful break. The holidays are a great chance to recharge our batteries and simply relax, so we hope you have had the opportunity to do just that!

We are all looking forward to another busy term. Most of our information is contained on our Kakano Hub website. Here is a short overview of Term Two.

Religious Education
Our overarching question is ‘What makes us Holy?’ We will be teaching aspects of the Church, Sacraments, Holy Spirit and Saints Strands. We will continue to learn about the Sunday Gospel on Monday’s. Our virtue this term is forgiveness.

The children will read books each day with their group and as a class. Every day your child will bring home a reading book. Please continue to listen to your child’s reading and encourage a love of reading by reading to your children.  Equally as important please encourage your child to write at home in the form of notes, letters, stories and on devices. There will be a production coming to school on the 19th of May.

The children will continue to be taught Number Knowledge and Strategies. Our strand topic is Measurement. We will be learning about time. A lot of learning takes place through talking, demonstrating and playing games. Please help your child at home by posing simple, real life problems.

We will be learning about Matariki, the Maori New Year. There will be a touring Court Theatre production coming to perform for us. The date is Wednesday 31st May at 9.30am in the library.

Project Based Learning
Our PBL focus is how can I be a responsible member of the Kakano Hub. We are learning to be self managers. Please encourage the children to complete their morning jobs independently.

Physical Education/Fitness
The children will need their sports uniform and sports shoes at school from Monday-Friday.
The School Cross Country is on Tuesday 9 May.  Parents are warmly welcome to attend. The emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. We have sport on a Friday and daily fitness.

Art Shirts
Please send a named art shirt for your child to use during art.

Library Day
A reminder that classes visit the library every Monday.  Please ensure your child has their library books on this day.

Dates for the Calendar
5 May - Junior Assembly
9 May - Cross Country at Walter Park
19th May - Book Week production
31st May - Court Theatre Matariki production

Thank you for your continued support.
Kind regards
Paula, Cath, Louise, Angela and Mackenzie

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