Friday, 2 June 2017

Week 5 updates

Matatihi Show: Court Theatre
We attended a fantastic show on Wednesday. There are some fabulous photos on the blog. Ask your child to tell you what they enjoyed!

This week the teachers attended a session after school on writing. Dr Murray Gadd highlighted the importance of writing at home to further support writing in school. Some suggestions are getting your child to write shopping lists, letters to friends and family, whiteboard writing, cards and diary writing. We would love for children to have a book to write in at home. Teachers love to see writing from home.

Please remind your child to bring their books back every Monday.

This is happening in Week 9 and 10.

Today the children had a wonderful session learning a new app called 'book creator'. We are looking forward to seeing some great stories from the children.

Queen's Birthday
Have a lovely long weekend. A reminder school is closed on Monday.

Lost property
This a reminder that children need to be responsible for their jerseys. If they lose their jersey, they need to bring in a note and have a good look for it. The child needs to be the first person to be taking action to find it. Children are reminded to put their jerseys straight in their bag. Please check your child bags regularly in case they have someone else's property.

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