Thursday, 20 July 2017

Term 3 Newsletter

Kakano Team: Term 3 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Welcome back to term 3. What an exciting term we have planned for the children.  We are really looking forward to our new timetable. The main changes to our timetable are the children play, eat and then learn.  We are introducing a wholemeal bread snack at 9.00 which will be provided.  If you are able to assist on the bread roster please contact your teacher.  Claire Bell is happy to coordinate this roster.  Each child will be provided with a drink bottle to be kept at school. We would like parents to provide a small fruit only snack for the afternoon.  Fitness will be in the afternoon.

Religious Education
For RE, we will be focusing on the Sacrament and Saints strands. The children will also be learning about the Sunday Gospels.

Project Based Learning
Our focus is learning about animals and presenting our findings using digital tools. We are going to visit Orana Park later in the term, more details to follow. We are also considering a pet afternoon. We will be linking our learning to St Francis of Assisi and his love of animals.

Daily numeracy groups will continue and our Strand Maths focus will be Geometry and Statistics - this will link nicely with our PBL.

The Arts
A further focus for the term is visual art, dance and drama.

During Week 7 the children will be presenting poems to their class as part of our oral language programme. The children will be required to choose their own poem (from the internet, books, favourite poems you may have at home etc). The children are allowed to bring along and use simple dress ups and props to support their poem when they perform at school. Please note, that this poem needs to be memorised. We will be discussing the various aspects of poetry recital including voice clarity, projection, rhyme, rhythm, eye contact and facing the audience. It would be great if you could reinforce this with your child at home.

Please check your child has the correct stationery to begin the term (particularly glue sticks, pens and pencils).

Please continue to read daily with your child and fill out the reading log.

The Junior Team will be presenting at the whole school assembly on Week 2, Friday 4th August.

We all look forward to a busy and productive term.  
Thanks for your continued support.

God bless,
Paula Brown, Mackenzie Kane, Angela Shea, Cath Shaw, Angela Bailey and Louise MacKay

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