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2018 Kakano Hub Newsletter

Junior Team Newsletter Kakano Hub
25 January  2018
Dear Parents and Caregivers
Welcome to the Kakāno Hub.  We trust you all had a lovely holiday and are ready for a very busy and exciting first term at St Francis of Assisi School.
Our Team
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Kakāno team to you.   Paula Brown will be teaching Y1/2 in Room 11.  Paula is the team leader for the Hub.  Louise MacKay will be in Room 9 teaching New Entrants.  Angela Bailey will be teaching Y1/2 in Room 8.   Angela Shea and Catherine Gill will be teaching Y1/2 in Room 10.
We are continuing to embrace a collaborative approach this year and while your child will be assigned a classroom and a classroom teacher- we will all be taking a role in your child’s learning and wellbeing.  We are all feeling very excited and privileged to be teaching your wonderful children.
Please bring your child’s stationery on our first day and each homebase will have containers for books, pens, glue sticks etc.into. Please assist your child to put their stationery in these containers. The Writing book (Warwick My Literacy 2) has been out stock and if you have not been able to obtain this one please purchase  Clever Kiwi My Writing book 2 in the meantime.
Medical and Health Concerns
Please ensure you have discussed any medical issues with your home base teacher.  We appreciate any background information about your child.  Information that we find useful are any allergies, issues with food and any medical conditions.
Sun hats
Please ensure your child has a named sunhat with a wide brim at school. During terms 1 and 4 all children must wear a sunhat when outside in the playground or for any outside activities. These sunhats will need to stay at school during these terms. Please also ensure that your child has had sunscreen applied before school.
Morning Routines
Part of your child’s learning involves learning to take care of their own belongings and becoming independent. For this reason, we ask that in the afternoons when you are picking your child up from school, that you wait outside the classroom until the bell rings and encourage them to pack (and unpack) their own school bag.  
Play Eat Learn
We are continuing with our Play, Eat , Learn in 2018.   This means that we play before we eat our morning tea and lunch.   Part of this programme includes a bread snack  at 9.30am every day and we would gratefully accept any offers of help to prepare this in the mornings at drop off time. Please see your Home base teacher if you can help.
Play-Based Learning
This  year we are providing a  Play Based Learning approach in the junior school.  This is a great way to settle your child into the school day and to provide opportunities for building relationships and promoting social interaction.  This has a positive effect on children’s learning and reduces separation anxiety.

Reading Homework
Throughout the year, your child will be given a reading book about 4 times a week to take home to read. Sometimes these books will be favourites that your child may have brought home before, this is great for reading mileage! The reading programme will officially begin in week 3. Please set aside some time to read with your child.  For those children new to school, you will notice that the books will start off repetitive and that your child may be relying on their memory. This is perfectly normal and you will notice the books become less structured as they move through the levels.   

If  you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask.  Please be aware that after a long holiday break- it is usual for a child to begin reading at a lower level than where they finished last year. Your child will have a reading notebook where we would like you to record the book they read to you each night.  
In addition to reading, some children will be bringing home  “Snap” words to learn.  “Snap words” will come with a full explanation as to how they are to be used. As your child completes each list, please return them to your class teacher to reuse.
This year we will be communicating with you through the Hub Blog and email in addition to our regular school newsletter. Please ensure you are checking this regularly.
In addition to the delivery of the curriculum, children will participate in Hub and homebase prayers, attending Mass, Priest visits and reflecting on the Gospel each Monday.
We will visit the library each week to exchange books.  Please return the books each week on your child’s library day.  Your child’s teacher will let you know which day they go to the library.  
Please ensure that your child has their fitness kit at school each day.  It is very important that your child has each item of clothing clearly named and that they have a separate bag to put their uniform in  (including sports shoes). Sports gear is  to go home each Friday to be washed and returned to school on Monday.
Project Based Learning (PBL)
Our PBL for Term 1 is creating a Dream Board and book about ourselves.  We will be focusing on relationships and building connections. A further focus will be developing children’s growth mindset.
If your child will be attending After  School Care in 2018 please let your child’s teacher know so that this transition can go smoothly.
As your child settles back into school, they will be tired. Our days are busy and they will need a good night’s sleep to help them feel rested and ready for the next day’s learning.
We look forward to 2018 and please feel free to make contact with us before or after school or make a time to catch up if you wish to discuss anything..

Some dates for your diary
Waitangi Day - 6th February
Ash Wednesday- 21st February
Meet the Teacher - TBA
Good Friday -  30th March
Easter Monday- 2nd April
Easter Tuesday- 3rd April
Term one ends - Friday 13th April

Warm regards,
Paula, Angela.S, Angela.B, Louise and Catherine

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