Sunday, 18 March 2018

Kakano News

Beginning next Friday 23 March the Kakano Hub will wear their sports uniform to school on Fridays. They will not be required to keep their sports uniform at school.

Thank you for washing your child's drink bottle and please ensure they have them in their bag for the coming week.

On Monday mornings we like the children to return their Poetry book to their classroom box. They also need to return all readers.  We like the children to keep all instructional books in their folders during the week so they can reread them when possible.

The children in the Year 1/2 classes need to sign in when they arrive in class.

During Hui the children enjoy sharing their learning, singing, dancing and action songs (often go-noodle).
We are looking forward to our Assembly on the final Friday of this term the 14th April at 11.00am.  All parents are welcome to attend our Assembly.

CONGRATULATIONS to these children who received certificates in our Hui.

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