Friday, 27 April 2018

Term 2 Newsletter

Junior Team Newsletter Term 2
Kākano Hub
27 April 2018

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome back to Term 2.  We hope you all have had a restful break. The holidays are a great chance to recharge our batteries and simply relax, so we hope you have had the opportunity to do just that!

We warmly welcome our new teacher Miss Rebecca Henderson who will be teaching in our Hub.  Please make her feel welcome and introduce yourselves.

Organisation for Day One Term 2
This is an exciting time for Kākano as we move into our beautiful new block. We want to do this well and to this end on Monday morning the children will meet their homebase teachers in the old classrooms from 8.30am onwards. We will take the children over to the new Hub after 9 o’clock to settle them in. When you come in to pick your children up on Monday afternoon - you can pick them up from the new Hub. The pick up area will be clear and this will be where you drop off and pick up for the rest of the term.

Our teachers have been very busy preparing for your child’s learning.
Here is a short overview of Term Two.  

Religious Education
Our overarching question is ‘What makes us Holy?’ We will be teaching aspects of the Sacraments and Holy Spirit Strands. We will continue to learn about the Sunday Gospel on Monday’s. We are also focusing on our school values.


The children will read books each day with their group and as a class. Every day your child will bring home a reading book. Sometimes they may bring a book home that they have had before - the benefits of this are:
  1. Rereading helps students develop a deeper understanding of what they have read (Roskos and Newman, The Reading Teacher, April 2014).
  2. Rereading helps students read with greater fluency, allowing them to give more attention to making sense of what they have read (Pikulski and Chard, The Reading Teacher, March 2005).
  3. Rereading helps students develop greater accuracy in reading. When students reread, words that they may have struggled to decode on a first reading become increasingly easier to parse (Samuels, The Reading Teacher, January, 1979).

Please continue to listen to your child’s reading and encourage a love of reading by reading to your children.  Equally as important, please encourage your child to write at home in the form of notes, letters, stories and on devices.

The children will continue to be taught Number Knowledge, Strand, (Measurement, Time, Statistics and Geometry) and Number Strategies. A lot of learning takes place through talking, demonstrating and playing games. Please help your child at home by posing simple, real life problems for them to solve.

Project Based Learning
Our PBL focus is around Science and experiments. Our driving question is ‘How can I as a Scientist explain the three states of matter? We are learning to be self managers. Please encourage the children to complete their morning jobs independently.

Physical Education/Fitness
The children will continue to wear their sports uniform to school on a Friday.

The School Cross Country is on Thursday 3 May at Walter Park during the morning. Parents are warmly welcome to attend. The emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. We have sport on a Friday and daily fitness.

Please remember to name all your child’s uniform items including school shoes.

Library Day
A reminder that classes visit the library every Tuesday.  Please ensure your child has their library books on this day.

Dates for the Calendar
3 May - Cross Country at Walter Park
15 May - Perform Musical - The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate
28 May- 1 June - Life Education

Please note that payment for the musical and the Life Education visit will come out of the activity fee charged at the beginning of the year.

Thank you for your continued support.
Kind regards
Paula, Louise, Angela, Angela, Cat and Rebecca

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