Thursday, 17 May 2018

Update from the Kākano Hub

17 May 2018

Kia ora koutou

We have made a great start in the new Hub and our children are settling well into the new routines. Later this term we will be running an Open Day but in the meantime we have put together these photos for you. Today we thought we would give you an update on how things are going and an insight into how the day runs in the new Hub.


Each morning, as you know the children can come in as soon as they arrive and get involved in the Learning through Play area. There are many areas of play that the children can get involved in and it really is their choice at this time of the day. Some children go straight outside to run around and some choose to engage in the activities.

At approximately 9.15am we play some music and the children know to pack up what they have been doing and head to their homebase to begin the day with prayer.

Carb Snack
After this the children have their carb snack - they are all loving this and we are really appreciative of the parent help we have each morning to prepare this for us. Thanks to those who are already helping - we are always looking for more help in this area so please feel free to approach the teachers if you can help in this area. After the Carb Snack we move into Numeracy Time.

Numeracy Time
Space 1

Nothing has changed about the way we are teaching Maths. Children are in small groups for their Maths lesson and this takes place in the first space. During numeracy time there are three teachers teaching small groups and 2 Teachers and a Teacher Aide (sometimes two) coaching.

Follow Up Work
Space 2

Once the children have had their group lesson they are set follow up work and this is completed in the second space. This is a quiet room. The children have choice about where they sit and who they sit beside. On the whole most of them make fantastic choices in this regard but sometimes they are guided to a place where they will be more productive. All the time we are talking about self management and responsibility.

Teacher Directed Activities
Space 3

After the children have completed their follow up work and had it checked by a teacher they can then move into space three where the teacher directed activities are set up. These are different to the activities that you see set out in the morning. The teachers plan these activities to provide the practice that the students need to consolidate the learning that is taking place in the Hub. The older children in the Hub will have a number of these activities that they must complete. They need to check in with the coaches before moving on to anything else. The new entrants may only have to complete one before they can then move through to the Learning Through play space.

Learning Through Play
Space 4

While all students are able to spend some time in this area our new entrants will spend a little more time in this space than our older students. This is a fantastic area for the students to be creative and learn about working together. Play provides opportunities for the children to get creative and use their imagination. There is a huge amount of learning going on at these times. The coaches will be guiding and supporting them in this area.

All of the students will also get the chance to work in our makerspace. This area is supervised by another one of our teacher aides. The children get the opportunity to use real tools to create with wood and other craft materials.

What do the coaches do?
The teachers and teacher aides who are coaching are ensuring that the children are where they need to be, guiding children, asking questions and encouraging children to make connections to the wider world. They are also observing, monitoring and assessing what the skills the students are showing and what their next steps might be. They are connecting to the curriculum all the time to ensure that they are guiding the children to extend the learning that is taking place.

We use music to get the attention of the children when it is time to pack up. The children sing along and pack up and know to come back to their homebase or the central space before moving to the next activity.

Morning Tea - as usual children play and then come together to eat.

Literacy Time.
Nothing has changed about the way we teach reading or writing, however your child may have had a change of teacher. The children are in small groups and getting instruction from a teacher for their reading, writing and phonics during this time. We use the spaces exactly the same way in Literacy time that we do in Numeracy time - the difference is that the Teacher Directed activities are Literacy
based during this time.

What happens in the afternoon?
Literacy continues until 2pm (with a break at 12.30pm for Lunch of course) and then we move into RE, fitness, sport, PBL, Library- every day is a little different. Our next blog post will cover what we are learning in Science and what we are learning in RE.

If you have any questions about your child’s learning please approach your child’s homebase teacher and/or the teacher who is teaching your child for the subject you are concerned about. We are more than happy to answer your questions and help in anyway we can.

Ngā mihi

Kākano Team Teachers

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