Friday, 18 May 2018

What's happening in Science?

What happens after Numeracy and Literacy?

Each day is different in the afternoons and this makes our learning so much fun! This term we have a focus on Science and this is taught with a Project Based Learning approach.

The teachers set a driving question and guide the children through some activities that gets their curiosity going.

Term Two Driving Question:  

How can I as a scientist explain the three states of matter and
how matter can change?

Sub questions:
*What is matter?
*What causes matter to change states?
*What are the properties of a solid, liquid, gas?
*What does a scientist do?
*What is an experiment?

We first had to find out what our students thought a scientist looked like and find out what the children thought scientists did.

We also wanted to find out what they knew about solids, liquids and gases. They pasted the pictures under the headings and we will look at this again at the end of the unit to see whether their ideas have changed.


On Wednesday we started the unit with a bang! Sammy the Snowman went missing!

The children were all talking about what might have happened and even set about searching for clues around the school.

This week we also integrated our RE and Science by completing a science experiment that showed a visual of how God is 3 in 1. Check the photo of the explanation - this is definitely one you could try at home!

Have a fabulous weekend.

Kākano Team Teachers

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